InterWest Wildlife has ben conducting aerial telemetry projects in the Inter-Mountain West for over 14 years. Telemetry projects have been conducted for a wide range of clients, on several species, and over a variety of terrain types. Clients have included academic researchers, government agencies, and private landowners. Species have included big game, carnivores, and TES. Aerial telemetry studies have been over rugged and remote mountains, rugged foothills, valley bottoms, island mountain ranges, and playa deserts.

InterWest Wildlife has logged well over a thousand hours flying aerial telemetry in the Rocky Mountains and the Inter-Mountain West. InterWest's pilot is a very experienced mountain pilot and commercial pilot. In addition he is also a certified wildlife biologist with a thorough understanding of the research aspect of telemetry studies. Our wildlife biologist/pilot has been tested in the accuracy of the radio relocations obtained (see Supporting Research Web Page). The accuracy of radio-telemetry relocations is determined by the research goals and budget. Decreasing the error distance generally takes additional flight time. Accuracy in flat terrain can be less than 1 meter while accuracy in steep, broken, mountainous terrain can be less than 10 meters. Research has also shown that our pilot can accurately predict the relocation error.


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